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$MODA is your membership into the world of Web3 music. Mint, collect, party and get rewarded. You can decide on the future of music, starting today.

  • Creator Tools
  • Digital Ownership
  • Grants
  • Metaverse
  • Music Collecting
  • Creator Tools
  • Digital Ownership
  • Grants
  • Metaverse
  • Music Collecting

$MODA Membership tokens give you access to

Party at V3RSE

V3RSE is a MODA community-owned super-club in decentraland, if you hold $MODA, you own part of V3RSE and can use your tokens for governance


this is where the community comes together to discover and lift artists

Artist Tools

such as Audio-fingerprinting on-chain that allow artists to own their music.

Private Events

Experience the MODA Revolution.
Watch the highlights from our exclusive NYC launch event

Artists: Partner with MODA on your next release:

3-tier audio NFT drop

On-chain Audio Fingerprinting

Metaverse release party
Apply here

New to Web3 Music?
Apply for a MODA Grant

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